Year 10

Year 10 Drama focuses on developing skills learnt in Year 9.  There is a large emphasis on performance and students are given the opportunity to perform in the Junior Arts Festival.  Students are encouraged to view as many live performances as possible, and there are several class trips to theatres in and around the Auckland region. The aim of the course is to gain a great understanding of the techniques and conventions of Drama and effectively using them to strengthen performance.  At level 5 to 6 of the NZ curriculum, students are expected to select the techniques, conventions and technologies effectively, initiate and develop ideas and make critical judgements about the features and meaning of drama.

Course Content/ Course Structure


·      Theatre Sports

·      Devised Theatre

·      Theatre Form

·      Physical Theatre

·      Acting Technique

·      Performance in the Junior Arts Festival



Learning Outcomes for the Course


Term A


1)    Show evidence of the skills required to perform theatre sports.


2)    Use physical skillsand drama conventiosn to devise and perfom theatre.


Term B


1)    Create and perform a clown scene.


2)    Perfrom a script in a naturalistic style.





Theatre Sports  - Performance skills.


Devised Theatre – Devising skills and Performance skills.


Theatre Form – Performance and Journal skills.



Acting Technique – Performance and Journal skills – Achievement Standard.



NCEA Standards


Achievement Standard 90006 – 1.1


Apply Drama techniques in a dramatic context - 4 Credits. 


Students are assessed in the style of NCEA with Not Achieved – Excellence. 

Credits gained for 90006 will be transfered to the students’ record of learning for the following year.



Equipment Required


Comfortable, supportive clothing.



Course Fees